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The ProportionFit diet in the news:


Unlike most diet plans, we have actual data to showcase the success of The ProportionFit Diet.  Most programs rely on anecdotes and individuals touting their results; we believe in the scientific method and finding what works for everyone.  The initial ProportionFit Trial consisted of 18 individuals who were simply asked, "Do you want to lose at least 20 pounds and are you willing to try a new diet?"  The trial consisted of a 2 month collection period, with 6 men and 12 women, ranging in ages from 28-61.  The average starting weight was 203 pounds while the average ending weight was 189.5 pounds.  At the end of the trial, the participants were asked to rank their performance with the following question: "Did you follow the program less than 50% of the time, 50-80% of the time, or greater than 80% of the time?"  Eight (8) reported 50-80%, while 10 reported complying greater than 80% of the time.  No one reported a less than 50% compliance rate.  From this trial, we found the following:

1. The average weight lost during the 2 month trial was 13.3 pounds per person

2. Those with a higher compliance rate of greater than 80% lost significantly more weight than those in the 50-80% group

3. Those with a greater than 80% compliance lost an average of 15.4 pounds while the 50-80% group lost 10.76 pounds

4. Of the 8 individuals reporting a compliance of 50-80%, 4 were males.  Of those males, the average weight lost was 11.4 pounds

5. Everyone lost weight, with a minimum loss of 6 pounds and the maximum loss at 25 pounds in 2 months!

Additional weight-loss groups have been completed showing similar results.  See the surveys and results on the TRACK page.

More in-depth research is pending. Stay tuned!