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About ProportionFit

Developed by orthopedic surgeon Nicholas J. Meyer, MD, ProportionFit is a simple and effective way to lose weight and become healthier - without turning your lifestyle, your budget, or your sanity upside-down.

Count cups, not calories.




About Dr. Nick Meyer

Nicholas J. Meyer MD is an orthopedic surgeon, inventor, exDivision I athlete, and author of several studies and publications. He is the author of two books: ProportionFit: Count Cups, Not Calories (2015), and The ProportionFit Diet & Health Plan (2018).

Here is Nick’s Success Story:

As a former college athlete, Dr. Nick Meyer was in good shape most of his life. But when his busy career and family life meant he had less time to eat right or exercise, he started gaining weight. So Nick began researching diets, and quickly realized there was a lot of bogus information out there. “People were trying to sell me supplements,” says Nick. “I figured there must be a better, healthier way. So I came up with ProportionFit.”

The big idea is that you can only realistically change one thing; So, change how much you’re eating. “The sad fact is, if you eat one extra cup a day, you’re going to be 20 pounds heavier than you want to be in about nine months. With ProportionFit, you actually pay attention to how much you’re eating, and you measure up.”

“When I finally put myself on the [ProportionFit] diet, I lost 18 pounds,” Nick said. “You can see just the perfect linear loss that occurs. A four-cup deficit has probably been the most successful because you get a 2-pound weight loss per week. It’s measurable, it’s meaningful. You really see it, and that encourages you to keep at it.”

“This isn’t about a special pill or extravagant meal plans. It’s about becoming healthier without turning your lifestyle, budget or sanity upside down.” - Dr. Nick Meyer




Video: What is ProportionFit?

Be part of the movement away from complex and expensive crash diets! Join others like you for positive energy, supportive guidance and encouragement at every step of your weight loss and healthier living journey.

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Video: ProportionFit for the Whole Family

Have a family you love, but maybe they are lacking a little fitness? Or maybe you want to improve YOUR health and lead your family down a path to better wellness? ProportionFit can work for the whole family.

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