Count Cups, Not Calories | ProportionFit

Count Cups,
Not Calories

The ProportionFit Diet & Health Plan is proven to help everyday people achieve their weight loss, health and fitness goals through simple, daily tracking.

When you understand how to “count cups, not calories” you can take control of your diet instead of feeling controlled, restricted or limited by your diet.




Cups are a simple and effective way to understand, visualize and track your daily food intake. The ProportionFit Diet and Health Plan requires only a few ingredients: You, knowledge provided in the book, and a means of measuring your cups, a scale, and the will to put these all together for a positive change!



With ProportionFit, you can eat what you would normally eat (within reason, good choices). It works at home. It works at the office. It works on-the-go. It works at cafes and restaurants.

There is no calorie counting. No calculators. No pills or supplements. No food restrictions. No memberships. Your diet doesn’t control you. YOU control your diet.



The ProportionFit Kits offer several convenience items and fitness tools to help you optimize and succeed in your better health journey. Kits include the book, along with: fitness bands, jump rope, fitness and heart rate trackers, collapsible containers, food models, fitness and diet plans, and more!


"I just count my cups daily. I find this very easy." - Debbie    Get Started!