How It Works

What is ProportionFit? A simple and effective plan designed to help you optimize and maintain your ideal weight - without turning your lifestyle, your budget, or your sanity upside-down.

Count Cups, Not Calories

The ProportionFIt Diet & Health Plan is proven to help everyday people achieve their weight loss, health and fitness goals through simple, daily tracking. When you understand how to "count cups, not calories" you can take control of your diet - instead of feeling controlled, restricted or limited by your diet.

Why It's Different

Many "lose weight, fast" claims out there today are backed by plans that have special pills, are unrealistic with complex tracking, sell you extravagant and expensive meal plans and memberships, or are extreme and unhealthy short-sighted crash diets. ProportionFit will transform you - and the way you think about diets.

Why It Works

Simply put, ProportionFit teaches you how to eat the appropriate type and volume of food, based on your weight loss goals. That's it. The plan works because you understand you daily goals, it's easy to track, and you will see results without frustrating, drastic or expensive lifestyle changes.
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