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Success Stories

Discover how real, everyday people achieved their weight loss goals and are feeling great about a diet that finally worked for them!

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Meet Kathy

Kathy lost 25 pounds in 9 weeks!
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“All you need to do is keep track of cups consumed in a day. My new term is ‘be cup conscious.’ I was even able to take a vacation in New Mexico where – yes, I had some tacos and salsa. And, even a few margaritas – and was still able to lose weight…This program is not a diet. It’s a way of life.”


Meet Dan

Dan lost 30 pounds in 13 weeks!
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“One of the great things about program is its simple. For me, I know I need to eat this much a day. And If I do that, follow the rules, I should get results. And it’s working really well.”


Meet Debbie

Debbie lost 44 pounds in 19 weeks!
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“I don’t have to go out and spend thousands of dollars on food that tastes like cardboard. I eat my veggies, I eat my protein. But, if all of a sudden you need some fries or ice-cream or whatever, sure. Just have a half a cup. I just count my daily cups and find it very easy.”


Meet Patrick

Patrick Improved His Health
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“I’m making better decisions about what I want to eat and how to eat…The best part about ProportionFit is you can fit it into your lifestyle. If there’s a day where I know I’m going to have pizza for lunch (or a social event later) I can plan my day, my cups intake. I can plan around that. This is something for the long-term.”


Meet Andrea

Andrea lost 24 pounds in 13 weeks!
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“It is easy to follow. The best part is you can put anything in the cups… but you soon realize that you want to put stuff in there that’ll make you full. You’re not going to put in 4 cups of French fries. The further you get into the program, you will notice that you put good things into the cups that make you feel full.”

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