Why It Works | ProportionFit

Why It Works

Simply put, ProportionFit teaches you how to eat the appropriate type and volume of food, based on your weight loss goals. That’s it.

The plan works because you understand your daily goals, it’s easy to track, and you will see results without frustrating, drastic or expensive lifestyle changes.



Your weight, and overall health, is defined by the quality and quantity of food consumed. With ProportionFit, you only change one thing with your diet: you measure and quantify the volume of food and drink consumed on a daily basis.

Until now, you likely have not paid attention to this. Why? Because we have not been taught to do so. That changes today – based on science and actual results. This is nature’s real diet.



Change is hard, and complex change is nearly impossible. The ProportionFit plan is simple to understand, fits into your life, and is easy to track. You know each and every day what the plan is, and if you are on pace.

The book teaches you how many daily cups are needed to obtain your ideal weight, and our fitness and convenience kits make it easy for everyday people to use daily.


A Better Way

ProportionFit is focused on lasting changes you can live with—without costing you a fortune. There are no additional fees, pills, meals or ongoing membership subscriptions. 

Ready for a better you, feeling better about your weight loss journey, and a better approach to long-lasting healthy living? It’s GO TIME!


"This is simple. And, its working really well." - Dan    Get Started!