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Why It’s Different

Many “lose weight, fast” claims out there today are backed by plans that have special pills, are unrealistic with complex tracking, sell you expensive meal plans, or are extreme and unhealthy short-sighted crash diets.

ProportionFit will transform you - and the way you think about diets.


No Gimmicks

A quick-fix can also be quickly undone. That’s also why most fad diets fail. "Eat this, not that" food restrictions are often confused with a healthy diet. They give you short-term wins, but not a lasting change. This results in a frustrating diet yo-yo.

Drastically reducing calorie intake or removing food groups altogether is unrealistic, and in some cases unhealthy. ProprotionFit is a better approach, focused on healthy, lasting changes you can live with.


No Supplements

Long term success requires a change in your eating and exercise habits to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Pills or other dietary supplements do not help you better understand how the volume and type of foods you eat affect your weight.

Pills can be ineffective, dangerous, and may contain unintended side effects or false claims. Why run the risk with your health?


No Memberships

Meal plans seem great, until you start seeing the monthly bill. There are everyday foods and healthy options out there that don’t require a freezer, refrigerator, or a premium cost. With ProportionFit, you can eat healthy, fresh everyday foods on-the-go.

There are no additional costs, calorie calculators, or meal-replacement bars to pack in your bag. Join others like you for motivation on social media, instead of attending meetings.


"You simplified weight loss. I can see success in my future." - Jeanette    Get Started!