What is ProportionFit?

A simple and effective way to lose weight and become healthier - without turning your lifestyle, your budget, or your sanity upside-down. With ProportionFit, you count cups, not calories.

How It Works

  • Count Cups, Not Calories
  • Why It's Different
  • Why It Works

Real Results

  • Success Stories
  • Weight Loss Challenge
  • Support + Community

Get Started

  • Total Health Kit
  • Weight & Exercise Kit
  • Weight Optimization Kit
  • Proportion Fit Book

Meet the Author

Dr. Nick Meyer -- Author, ProportionFit Diet

Dr. Nick Meyer | Author

Dr. Nick Meyer is an orthopedic surgeon, inventor, ex-Division I hockey player, author of several studies and publications, partner with Twin Cities Orthopedics, president of ProportionFit and Precise Medical Technologies, and has been voted a “Top Doctor” for several years running.

He resides in Stillwater, Minnesota with his wife, Karen, and daughters, Ellie, Sonia, and Nina.

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